iMEDIC 420

The latest technology of the blue blocking lens without yellowish colour tone. Attributes of iMEDIC 420 include UV and high-energy visible light shielding, and also anti-reflective blue coating. Our iMEDIC 420 lenses come with a 3 months warranty against defects in the production process.
Nose on. Feel it. Read the clear.
▶ Advance lens compared to 1.50 (1.4999)

35% thinner than 1.50

Specifically designed for Asian fit
15%-20% thinner & 20%-25% lighter than 1.56

Adopt aspheric lens that makes it comfortable to wear under a long hour circumstance & makes your vision wider.
40%-50% thinner & 50%-60% lighter than 1.56 (power prescription must be 500 and above).

Suitable for power prescription of 400 and above.

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